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The string is then parsed and the javascript code alert is executed in the context of the same page hence the xss condition. The only script that is automatically executed during page load is a legitimate part of.

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The logic behind the dom xss is that an input from the user source goes to an execution point sink.

Dom xss example. The attacker can manipulate this data to include xss content on the web page for example malicious javascript code. Dom xss stands for document object model based cross site scripting. In the previous example our source was document write and the sink was alert document cookie.

This enables attackers to execute malicious javascript which typically allows them to hijack other users accounts. Definition dom based xss or as it is called in some texts type 0 xss is an xss attack wherein the attack payload is executed as a result of modifying the dom environment in the victim s browser used by the original client side script so that the client side code runs in an unexpected manner. In the previous example our source was document baseuri and the sink was document write.

This attack can be considered riskier and it provides more damage. In the example of a dom based xss attack however there is no malicious script inserted as part of the page. This will solve the problem and it is the right way to re mediate dom based xss vulnerabilities.

The logic behind the dom xss is that an input from the user source goes to an execution point sink. A dom based xss attack is possible if the web application writes data to the document object model without proper sanitization. For example if you want to use user input to write in a div tag element don t use innerhtml instead use innertext or textcontent.

In this type of attack the malicious code or script is being saved on the web server for example in the database and executed every time when the users will call the appropriate. The best way to fix dom based cross site scripting is to use the right output method sink. Dom based xss vulnerabilities usually arise when javascript takes data from an attacker controllable source such as the url and passes it to a sink that supports dynamic code execution such as eval or innerhtml.

For example it may be a script which is sent to the user s malicious email letter where the victim may click the faked link. What you need to understand though is that dom xss will appear when a source that can be controlled by the user is used in a dangerous sink.

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