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Bulicks will step in and show no fear but they can also get out of a tight corner with a wicked shuffle and break high if necessary. This free website was made using yola.

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By cammalan farm cleveland tx the breed we offer you here are the pure law greys 100 green legged 100 straight comb.

Grey dom gamefowl. I have been breeding for the last 20 years. Lonnie harper is a living legend his birds are unparalleled and his gamefowl needs nothing added or taken away. We are fortunate to be able to breed this bloodline.

No html skills required. Kelso mclean hatch penny hatch ruble hatch shorty grey wingate brown red. At scorpion ridge gamefowl farm we breed raise and sell pure kelso mclean hatch penny hatch ruble hatch wingate brownreds roosters stags trios hens and pullets.

Law grey gilmore hatch spangled hatch racey mug toolpusher blue kelso tnt dom lacy roundhead sweater yellow leg hatch can provide pictures of each fowl of interest upon requests if not pictured already. Spangled hatch rooster. A successful cross was the law greys to madigan s texas ranger s.

Back instagram facebook about us follow instagram facebook. Aej gamefarm is dedicated to breed quality gamefowls. They are medium station platinum or regular grey white wing tips or points are common green legged and mostly straight comb.

Chandler gamefowl farm is in northeast alabama and provides chicks eggs and gamefowl. This grey bloodline crosses very well with the kelso the hatch or the sweaters. We strive to breed cocks that will be with you when others fail.

You can infuse some gamefowl bloodline to produce a superior bulik or dom fighter. Therefore if you have dark legged law greys and the trait is due to law s breeding and not some other breeder afterward then it would suggest it is. We are located in the north georgia mountains in cleveland georgia.

These came dark legged. They are bottom cocks but have good ability also. The modern dominique gamefowl or dom or bulick is renown for cutting prowess and aggressive disposition with lethal speed.

Our bloodlines are goldenboy sweater 5k sweater gilmore boston whitehackle harold brown grey whites and dom. Today i have a few imported broodcocks and broodhens which i breed personally just for my hobbies till its became too many that i have to sell some of it my breed are from sweater lacy roundhead brown red hatch black black mcrae dom grey and kelso bloodline. Papa s game fowl about us follow.

Tx law grey gamefowl. Here in sarawak its commonly known as biring tasau enkechong tuntong bnaning or burik. Hatches roundheads clarets mugs more.

These chickens will put a lot of bottom in most chickens. Pricing shipping. 654 kelly fork road hazard ky 606 233 9544.

Brood cock 200 brood hen 150 cross pullets 75 cross stags 100 plus shipping none sold for illegal purposes.

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