List Countries In The Northern Hemisphere

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I need the of the 20 countries in the northern hemisphere. All of north america and europe are in the northern hemisphere.

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List countries in the northern hemisphere. 94 users 278 views made by moonlight. The northern hemisphere is the top half of earth that is north of the equator for other planets in the solar system north is defined as being in the same celestial hemisphere relative to the invariable plane of the solar system as earth s north pole. 29 of 147 20 required scores.

Owing to the earth s axial tilt of 23 439281 winter in the northern hemisphere lasts from the december solstice typically december 21 utc. The three largest countries by population. List of states not countries thats under northern hemisphere.

China india and the united states are in the northern hemisphere. This is a list of countries by northernmost point on land. 95 users 284 views made by moonlight.

29 of 147 20 required scores. Countries entirely in the northern hemisphere show list info. Additionally the majority of the world s countries are found on this half of the planet.

North america consists of some 42 countries including canada the united states mexico and greenland as well as the smaller countries in central america and the various island nations of the caribbean. Where borders are contested the northernmost point under the control of a nation is listed. The northern hemisphere is considered the half of the planet that is north or the equator.

It is home to frigid winters and hot summers. How many have you visited. Other countries in the northern hemisphere are kazakhstan belarus turkmenistan azerbaijan armenia and georgia.

Most of asia two thirds of africa and 10 percent of south america are also in this hemisphere. How many have you visited. All territory north of the equator is considered part of the northern hemisphere.

1 10 20 31 46 list stats leaders vote vote print. How many have you visited. Countries entirely in the northern hemisphere page 2 show list info.

Countries in the northern hemisphere include the united states canada russia and all of the countries in europe. Europe is made up of fifty countries and another dozen territories. A selection of dependent territories are listed in italics and are not ranked.

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